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nonsence's Journal

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16 May
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who am i?? i am unique, differant, strange, whatever appeals to you. the only reason i am so (insert word here...) is because i refuse to be like everyone else, who are so bland/ materialistic/ thoughts orientating from other ideas streching back far far in time when conforming was just starting out. people are all the same, the only people i actually like are the thinkers like me, because they are real people and not just clones. i get depressed alot at the state of the world and how humanity is a paracite, the fact that i am a part of this curse on the world. my parents are horrible to me and make my life hell even more. i like alternate to heavy (music) as long as it makes me feel something( i couldnt put up with this world without music....). i can have pretty intense thoughts, but the only ones who understand me are the who have the capasity of mind too.....loniless is solidarity of mind....

Other interests include: genetic warfare, nonstereotypes, bullet to the brain, end of humanity, ashed remains, deliverance, space and time travel, forfillment, meaningfull hugs, sanctidy, lost moments, voices not there, oats, wheatbix, wiped memories, reclaimed moments, thinking of him, untruths

23, 42, 7, a perfect circle, aliens, anarchy, apathy, apricots, art, astral projection, attics, bands, basments, bill hicks, black, black leather trench coats, blue, bongos, books, burning stuff, caffine, candles, cats, cereal, chaos, chocolate, claiming insanity, coca-cola, coffee, concerts, conscious dreaming, conspiricies, cornflakes, creed, cuts, daydreaming, deftones, delusions, depression, discovery, douglas adams, dr. katz, dragons, drawing, dreams, dried red roses, elimination, emotions, end of the world, escape, escaping, everclear, extra sensory perseption, eyes, family guy, ferets, fire, fire works, floods, free stuff, fuck destiny, garbage, green, green apples, hands, harmony, ice, indesision, insanity, insperation, intelligent lifeforms, intensity, internet, kittens, knife to the vein, korn, laughing, led zeplin, lewis carrol, lighters, lightning, marilyn manson, marvin, matches, melted cheese, monty python, moshing, movies, music, natural disasters, nature, nine inch nails, nirvana, not here, nothingness, one minute silence, peaches, pepsi, philosophy, pink floyd, placebo, planes, portholes to reality, prometheus rising, puppies, purple, reading, rescue, rice, robert anton wilson, sarcasm, showers, shrooming, shrooms, silence, silverchair, simpsons, sketching, sleeping, smashing pumkins, smokingup, solitude, south park, space travel, spacing out, sparklers, stars, stockholm, storms, suicide, sweet kisses, tasty cheese, the dark, the infinite universe, the mind, the moon, the pixies, the sun, thinkers, thinking, thunder, time travel, toking, tomatoes, tool, truth, weed, words, wrists, writing

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